Custom Home Built In Wales, UK July 2010

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This Precision Pre-Cut Log Package went to Wales in the United Kingdom, our staff was onsite to offer support with the start up of the build. Our representative was on-site for six days.
This home was a custom home 100% Precision Pre-Cut. Each component was pre-assembled in our factory then numbered and packaged. Once the compnents were manufactured they were inspected by the USDA then loaded into a 40' shipping container where they left from the port of Charleston, SC and arrived in the UK.
Pictured here you can see the logs secured inside the shipping container. Strips are used to hold them in place to prevent the load from shifting in transit. Once these strips were removed the logs could be carried out and placed in stacks until ready to be used.
Pre-Cut window & door bucks keep the logs stacking straight and true, pictured here the corner is nearly topped out to the height of the windows & doors. This was day #3 of the build.
Construction went very smoothly with the homeowner taking a huge part in the building process. When we left wales the log walls were nearly topped out with just the gables left to be assembled. The building crew consisted of three people (not including our representative) and getting the walls up ready for the gables took just over six days dodging almost daily rain showers.
The gable ends have since been stacked and the crew is working on the roof system. They had no issues assembling the pre-cut gables and will be ready to dry the house in soon. The corner logs pictured here are extended and will support the barge rafters to complete the roof once the main rafters are in place.
Here the slate roof is being installed, this system uses tiles and each piece is laid by hand.
The slate roof has been installed, Exterior windows have been installed and the exterior finish has been applied to the home as it nears the dry-in stage.
Three shed dormers on the back side of the home expand and provide natural light to the 2nd floor.
Click Here To view the floorplan layout of this home.